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Women's Competition Clothing

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Women's competition clothing - everything for the competition rider

For many riders, riding is not merely for recreation. Those who wish to pursue riding, not just as a hobby but as a way of measuring their performance against others, take part in horse shows and competitions. One of the prerequisites for taking part in a competition is an elegant competition outfit, which for women traditionally consists (for showjumping) of a shirt, a competition jacket, a pair of white competition breeches and a smart pair of long leather riding boots. Nowadays riders have more options to express their own individual fashion tastes with their competition outfit. Where in the past there were only spotless white competition shirts and dark show jackets, today - particularly with women's competition clothing - there is a wide variety of clothing on offer that is colourful and features extra details with which you can team a trendy outfit. However, especially in dressage competitions, traditional colours are often preferred over brighter ones.

The competition outfit - fashionable and functional

Since competition clothing not only has to look good but cope with a lot of wear and tear from a sporting perspective while riding, you should always watch out for the practical details of competition clothing. Because most competitions take place in the warm summer months and riding - especially under stressful competition conditions - can make you sweat a lot, you should look for functional materials which are breathable and quick drying, to help you feel at ease in the saddle despite the excitement. Stretch material is beneficial not just for competition shirts but also for jackets, so that every movement you make in the saddle is truly effortless. Back vents on the jacket ensure extra comfort and stop the rider feeling restricted. One essential item of clothing for the competition rider is a pair of traditional white breeches, which are optionally available with a full seat or knee patches. A particular innovation for competition breeches is the grip or "sticky bum" seat, which is made from silicon material which ensures even more slip-resistance in the saddle - a great benefit for dressage competitions in particular.

Competition clothing - details make the outfit perfect

Women in particular need extra accessories for a competition to present a classic, elegant appearance on the big day. While it is easy for male competitors to hide their hair under a riding hat or a traditional top hat, women have to find the most elegant way of styling their often long hair so that they can wear their riding hat or top hat in a way that allows them not to be bothered by their hair during the test, for example by it falling over their face. The most popular way to do this is with a hairnet, which guarantees that the hairdo does not slip out of place during the competition.