Women's Jodhpurs

Felix Bühler Grip Full-Seat Soft Shell Jodhpurs Milena - 810501

Felix Bühler

Grip Full-Seat Soft Shell Jodhpurs Milena


What are Jodhpurs?

Jodhpurs for women are popular with recreational riders and especially with horse trekking and Icelandic horse riders who follow a casual, comfortable style. The leg of a pair of jodhpurs is slightly flared and has an elastic but tear-resistant foot strap that is fastened under the shoe. This prevents the trouser legs from riding up. Instead of long riding boots, yard boots, jodhpur boots or riding boots are worn under a pair of jodhpurs.
At Kramer Equestrian, you can buy jodhpurs in a variety of materials, ranging from snug stretch material and all-weather soft shell to dense fabric in the thermal variety. As with the classic breeches, the popular leisure riding and trekking breeches are available with either full or knee patch. Grip-seat has also found its way into Jodhpurs. Women with short or long measurements will also find what they are looking for in our jodhpurs.

How do Jodhpurs differ from other breeches?

Jodhpurs differ from other breeches in that they have a wider cut calf. The leg does not fit tight, but flares out comfortably so that even a thick winter riding boot can be worn underneath without any problems. An additional rubber strap prevents the leg from riding up.
The full-seat of a jodhpurs goes all the way to the ankle, while the seat of breeches often only goes to the middle of the lower leg. Therefore, a long riding boot is unnecessary with Jodhpurs. When it comes to the material, there is hardly any difference between Jodhpurs and other riding breeches. From super-stretch materials to warming thermal fabrics to wind- and water-repellent soft shell, you can buy a wide range of different jodhpurs from us.

What are the advantages of Jodhpurs?

The advantage of jodhpurs is their versatility and comfort. The breeches can be combined with a comfortable yard boots for stable, ground and lungeing work as well as out hacking. Thanks to jodhpurs, the riding outfit does not need to be supplemented with long riding boots or half chaps.
Another advantage of the flared leg of a jodhpurs is the good air circulation, which ensures a pleasant climate on the legs, especially in warm summer. In addition, the wide-cut calf flatters the female figure as it creates a visual balance to the upper body.

When are Jodhpurs suitable?

Jodhpurs for women are particularly suitable for hacking or horse trekking. If you sit in the saddle for many hours, you do not want to constrict your leg with boot shafts. Jodhpurs are an advantage for riders who have to get off the horse now and then to lead it. A firm, comfortable riding boots is better than a long riding boot, which is why jodhpurs are best suited for this situation.
In addition, women's jodhpurs are particularly suitable for riders who prefer a more casual style of dress. A pair of jodhpurs completes a beautiful and stylish riding outfit that is especially popular with Icelandic horse riders and horse trekking.

Which Jodhpurs are suitable for summer?

In summer, many riders like to wear comfortable jodhpurs. When temperatures are high, jodhpurs made of light materials that also wick away the moisture of perspiration to the outside are suitable. Jodhpurs made of stretch materials are perfect for high-movement riding, even in high temperatures. The flared leg also ensures sufficient air circulation. In our range you will find jodhpurs with various details such as functional zips at the leg hem so that you can adjust the calf width individually. Jodhpurs with grip seat also increase breathability and are therefore particularly suitable for the summer. Kramer Equestrian has the ideal women's jodhpurs for every rider.

Are there Jodhpurs for winter?

Jodhpurs made of soft shell are suitable for winter. These are ideal for winter weather conditions as the material is both wind and water resistant. The dense fabric is also warmly lined, which provides additional insulation.

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