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Which accessories do I need for my horse?

High-quality and practical horse accessories is very important in horse keeping and equestrian sports. On the one hand, the Kramer Equestrian assortment covers the daily basic needs of a horse - from balanced horse feed to products for horse care. On the other hand, there are all kinds of equipment for the horse for equestrian sports, such as bridles, saddles or bits. For each horse owner, the personal need for horse accessories is at their own discretion and depends on many factors. Breed-specific conditions, weather-related influences, but also the rider's area of use or riding discipline influence the choice of horse accessories.
With Kramer Equestrian, you can provide your horse with all the accessories it needs:

If you want to equip yourself and your horse in a coordinated fashion, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our horse collections category. The current horse collections can be perfectly combined and colour-coordinated with the rider outfits.

What equipment does my horse need?

As diverse as equestrian sport is with its various disciplines, so are the equestrian items that Kramer Equestrian offers in its range:

There are countless possibilities when it comes to equipping your horse. The equipment you need for your horse depends very much on the use and how you keep your horse. The basis for riding - regardless of whether you choose showjumping, dressage, eventing or Western riding - is a well-fitting saddle that is individually adapted to the special requirements of the respective equestrian discipline. The bridle as well as a saddle pad are also part of the basic equestrian equipment needed for working with the horse. Other accessories such as boots, fetlock boots or auxiliary reins complete the basic riding equipment. In addition to riding equipment for the horse, Kramer offers equipment for vaulting and groundwork, as well as for horse trekking.
Depending on how the horse is kept, training condition, state of health, breed and age of the horse, a turnout rug may also be necessary to protect the horse from draughts, cold temperatures and moisture. You will find both lightweight and heavyweight turnout rugs in our online shop. However, every horse should have a wicking rug to help the horse dry off after work.

What is part of the basic equipment for the horse?

Anyone who buys their own horse for the first time will require some basic equipment for the horse. As individual as the needs of rider and horse may be, there are products that almost all horse owners possess. The basic horse equipment includes the products that riders need for their daily work with the horse. These are:

With the wide range of products from Kramer Equestrian, you can provide your horse with all the basic equipment it needs.
There are many different ways of keeping horses, all of which place different demands on horse equipment. Field-kept horses or those in loose housing live in harmony with the seasons. The accessories for horses that spend most of the day outdoors must be adapted to the individual weather conditions, but also to the seasonal conditions. While horse owners equip their horses with horse products for fly protection in the summer, rugging horses is a significant issue in the wetter and colder season. From the point of view of horse care, each season has its own special features to which one can react with suitable horse products. Especially the change of coat, which is characteristic for autumn and spring, can be actively supported with the help of coat change aids and special brushes.

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