Stable Hygiene Guide

1. Why is stable hygiene important?

Cleanliness in the stable has not only to do with aesthetics. Hygiene in all areas of the stable is particularly important for the horse’s health. This can prevent respiratory diseases, thrush and infectious diseases that can be transmitted from horse to horse. You can find out how to achieve a horse-friendly stable climate here.

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Woman mucking out a stable
Signs that remind to keep the stable clean

2. Tips for keeping the stable and tack room tidy

A clean stable is also a horse-friendly stable. Where there is order, it is difficult for uninvited guests or germs to settle in. It is not only important to clean the horse stables daily, the rest of the building should also be cleaned once a year. To prevent chaos from reoccurring afterwards, we provide practical tips for better organisation and cleanliness in the stable and tack room.

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3. FAQ about stable hygiene

Stable hygiene is a very extensive topic, with many questions arising. For example, what helps against the smell of ammonia in the stable? How often does a stable have to be mucked out? And can I use any disinfectant in the stable?

Answers to these and more questions can be found here.

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Person sweeps the stable