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Women's Competition Jackets

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Competition jackets - a stylish look at equestrian events

The competition jacket, along with the obligatory competition shirt and white competition breeches, is an essential item of competition clothing. Kramer Equestrian has a large selection of ladies' competition jackets to buy online at great prices. You often see traditional black jackets in the ring. More recently, however, fashion-conscious equestriennes have also started to favour competition jackets in trendy colours. Competition jackets are enhanced by beautiful visual details which give them that certain something. Small details such as a velvet collar, contrasting-coloured seams or smart piping ensure that you attract plenty of attention during the competition. For riders who prefer a bit more glamour in their competition clothing, crystals or elegant logo embroidery on the competition jacket are an ideal way to add high class flair to the outfit for the show. If you pick a striking competition jacket, it is best to team it with a plain competition shirt, preferably in traditional white. With a more low key competition jacket, on the other hand, it is appropriate for the competition shirt to feature visual highlights as regards colour and style. Flap pockets and insertion pockets, sometimes equipped with a zip, are not just stylish but also practical - you can put a treat or two for your horse in them or your own personal lucky charm for the competition.

Competition jackets - comfortable for riding

Whether your preferred colour is flashy cobalt, elegant navy blue or sportsmanlike titanium, a competition jacket only looks good if it fits properly. You can buy economical jackets to fit any size from us online. To achieve the perfect look, you should ensure that the competition jacket is not too tight and is not stretched at the back or the button placket. It should fit well over the shoulders in particular, as otherwise the overall look will be lost when you are riding. Ladies' competition jackets usually feature a flattering waisted cut to emphasise the feminine figure, and this also shows off your seat in the saddle to better advantage. A well-fitted competition jacket guarantees a glittering appearance in the ring. For equestrian sports especially, competition clothing should be comfortable and not restrict movement. Our competition clothing, including of course our competition jackets, generally has a high degree of elasticity and a back vent for improved comfort. The jackets are also machine washable, making them very easy to care for. You will be superbly equipped for the next competition with our competition clothing!