Riding Shoes


Due to their numerous positive characteristics such as improved grip on the saddle flap as well as stability and protection of the legs, riding boots or riding shoes in combination with chaps or riding boots are a must-have for most riders. Choosing the right riding shoes contributes to everyday well-being when riding and working in the stable, as well as personal safety. Riding boots also offer a certain amount of protection in case of blows or falls and when riding cross-country through bushes and woods. Especially in dressage riding it is often argued that riding boots allow the rider to have a calmer leg. A factor that is especially relevant for children and beginners.

For children, rubber riding boots have proven to be particularly suitable, as they are less sensitive and easier to clean. The lower price also plays a decisive role in the decision to buy, especially for children, who can grow out of their riding equipment quite quickly.


Ultimately, however, wearing comfort, protection and practicality should come first. Do you ride a lot, regularly and intensively; do you also have competition ambitions? Then long riding boots or even ankle boots in combination with half chaps or leather gaiters in various designs should be your first choice. The choice is huge and includes different shapes, materials, colours and functions. Those who prefer to ride and your horse only works on the course occasionally, you might find the combination of riding boots with riding chaps the best option for you. Furthermore many leisure riding boots and riding ankle boots are also available in lined versions. Riding and stable work on really icy winter days can probably be enjoyed most in cosy warm thermal riding boots.

Many of these boots are only suitable for dressage work to a limited extent, since the thick lining means that fine contact with the horse is lost. In return, however, they impress with their fluffy, soft feel and excellent warmth. The outer material of the thermal riding boots is mostly waterproof and robust. A less robust, but suitable for competition and work are, for example, lambskin-lined leather riding boots. These are not quite as thick as thermal riding boots, but still give you pleasant warmth in the cold riding arena.