Guide for leg and hoof protection care for horses

1. Why do horses need leg protection and what kinds are available?

Horse legs have to withstand a lot. Tendons and ligaments support the horse’s locomotor system and lie dangerously close to the surface, directly under a thin layer of skin. Even slight knocks, kicks or stumbles can lead to lameness. To effectively protect horses‘ legs from blunt trauma, various types of leg protection are used. In this guide, we show you how bandages, boots and the like can protect your horse’s legs.

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Bandaged horse legs
Woman closes hard boots on a horse leg

2. FAQ about leg and hoof protection for horses

Can I wash tendon boots, therapy boots or my hoof boots in the washing machine? Can I put them in the dryer? And what happens to the horse’s leg if I accidentally forget to take bandages or boots off overnight?

In our FAQ about leg and hoof protection, we answer your most frequently asked questions about the topic.

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