Leather Care Guide

1. Leather care – the basics

Leather is one of the most premium materials in the textile industry. In order to sustainably maintain the numerous advantages of this natural product, regular care plays an important role. There are numerous types of leather, all based on different manufacturing and processing methods. But which types of leather are preferred for equestrian sports and what are the advantages of smooth leather, suede leather & Co.

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Detail view leather riding boot in stirrup
Horse sniffs at leather care products

2. Why is leather care so important?

Leather is a natural material that is in the upper price range. The diverse natural properties of leather are made for use in equestrian sports. At the same time, the stable environment with dirt and moisture regularly tests the material. Why is leather care so important and what happens if you don’t treat your bridles, riding boots, saddles & co. to a care routine? Find out more in our guide.

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3. Leather Care Step-by-Step

Leather care can be so easy when you have the right equipment. We give you tips on which accessories really make caring for your leather products easier. Because the nature, intended use and physical stress are so different, you should give your saddlery a different leather care than your leather riding boots. You can find out what you should look out for when caring for leather shoes and leather horse accessories here.

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Saddle care products are arranged on a saddle.