Shoe and Boot Care Guide

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1. What materials are riding shoes and riding boots made of?

Solid and robust footwear is the key to equestrian sports. Footwear should allow a fine feeling in the stirrup and at the same time be robust enough to be able to do the work in the stable with dry and warm feet. Which material is best suited for which purpose and how much care should be invested in the different types of material? Read more about this here.

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2. The perfect shoe care kit – what accessories do I need?

Shoes should be cared for regularly, regardless of the material. To keep everything handy, you can store the shoe care accessories in a shoe polish box. But what do I actually need for an intensive care for my riding boots? We show you which accessories are really important, from care sponges to care lotions

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3. Shoe Care Step by Step 

Shoe care in just three steps? Is that possible? Riders prefer to spend their free time with their beloved four-legged friends, but just like caring for your leather gear, you shouldn’t neglect regular shoe care – and ideally this should start before the first time you wear them. We show you „step by step“ how to make all of your shoes shine again. We also give you valuable tips on how to handle your riding shoes with care.

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4. Shoe Care FAQ

Shoe care can be so simple – but first, numerous questions about the perfect care routine need to be answered. Why is waterproofing so important? Can I go straight into the stable with my freshly cleaned boots? And how do I remove scratches and stains from my leather shoes? We answer these and other important questions in our FAQ section on shoe care.

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