Fly protection guide


1. A little entomology for horse owners

We introduce you to five insects that make life particularly difficult for our horses in summer. Where is their natural habitat, can they bite and how can we combat them? Why black flies cause sweet itch and what protective measures you can take against the insidious ticks are explained here.

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2. Why is fly protection so important for the horse?

Horses have various possibilities to protect themselves from the pests. However, during the main flight season of the insects, self-protection is not sufficient, especially for horses with allergies, especially since turnout can be a real test of patience. Therefore, you should actively deal with the topic of fly protection in summer to support your horse in the fight against the annoying insects. We explain why here.

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Horse with a green fly rug
Fly repellents

3. Fly protection for the horse – what helps?

There are numerous ways to protect your horse from insects. Ideally, the fly protection measures are combined with each other. Which means and ways are there and what does an optimal fly protection management for your horse look like? We will show you here.

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4. How can riders protect themselves effectively against insects?

Riders spend a lot of time outdoors – this is especially true in the warm summer months, when insects are particularly active. So that the bloodsuckers don’t spoil your stay in the stable and the hacking with your horse, we present to you here the best measures for a relaxed summer with your horse. Find out about long-term protective measures in the form of vaccinations or hyposensitisation and learn simple behavioural tips for the stable to keep insects at bay. We also explain step by step what you can do if you do get stung.

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Fly repellent in use
Horsefly trap

5. Fly protection for the stable

There are a few things you can do in the stable to minimise the number of insects. Here you can find out what rules of conduct flies, mosquitoes & co. have to follow to prevent them from even feeling at home in the stable and what exactly spiders and bats have to do with it. We also show you practical traps that are guaranteed to catch the pests.

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