Riding Hat Guide

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1. What types of riding hats are there?

Should it be a classic, sporty riding hat without noticeable design elements? Or rather a stylish model with glittering design elements? In children’s sizes or adult sizes? With increasing variety, the choice is not only growing in terms of design and style, but also with regard to the different riding hat technologies.

We introduce you to the different types of riding hats and designs.

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2. What should I look for when buying a riding hat?

Safety, fit, comfort, design – there is a lot to consider when buying a riding hat. Here we show you how to find out whether the helmet meets the current safety standards and how to determine the right riding hat size.

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3. Which riding hat accessories do I need?

What extras should you look out for when buying? What added value do chin protection, a ventilation system or a visor provide? How to optimally care for and store your riding hat, which accessories help in the rain or cold and further tips on reflective and light accessories that can be attached to the riding hat – we have summarised all this and much more for you here.

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4. Riding Hat FAQ

How much does a good riding hat cost? Are western riding hats different from classic riding helmets? In order to make your decision easier, we have compiled all the important questions and answers.

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