Guide to hoof boots

1. The basic know how about hoof boots

Hoof boots are an alternative to conventional shoeing. Riding barefoot has become popular and if the ground conditions do not allow it, you can act accordingly with hoof shoes. What makes hoof boots so popular and who are they actually right for? What should you pay special attention to when using hoof boots? You can find the most important basics on the subject of hoof boots here.

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Hoof boots

Horse wearing hoof boots

2. Which hoof boots is suitable for my horse?

The variety of hoof boots is now enormous. Which model is best suited to the needs and requirements of you and your horse? What is the difference between closed and open hoof boots? We give you an overview of the hoof boot models in our range. The guide also includes a digression on therapy boots. Thanks to different models, it is possible to respond even more precisely to the individual clinical picture of the hooves.

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3. How do I choose the right hoof boot?

The hooves of our horses are as individual as our fingerprints. When buying hoof boots, each hoof should therefore be measured individually. To ensure that the horse feels completely comfortable in its hoof boots, the measuring and fitting should be done conscientiously. There are numerous ways to measure your horse’s hooves. We explain which method will give you the most accurate measurements. In addition, you will find a detailed information sheet with space for entering the measurements here for free download.

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Putting on hoof boots
Person closes a strap of a hoof boot

4. Hoof boot FAQ

Can hoof boots and horseshoes be combined? My horse has laminitis. Are hoof boots the right thing to do? How long do hoof boots last and what should I bear in mind regarding wearing times? And why do I have to measure each hoof individually? These and many other questions about hoof boots for horses are answered in our FAQ section.

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