Horse care guide

1. Coat and mane care of horses

Besides the hygienic aspect, the grooming of horses is of great importance for social and confidence-building reasons.

In our guide to coat and mane care of horses, you can find out what the optimal contents of a grooming box look like, what to consider when washing your horse and how you can support your horse during the coat change.

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2. Skin care of the horse

A healthy skin barrier is the best protection against skin diseases of the horse. Whether to support flaky and dry skin, to care for mites or sweet itch, to soothe the skin or to care for wounds:

In our skin care guide of horses we explain the differences and areas of application of skin care products for horses.

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3. Hoof cleaning and care

The shape and condition of each horse’s hooves is unique. Careful hoof care – daily cleaning and removal of stones, dirt and manure – reduces the risk of developing inflammatory hoof diseases, and also makes it easier to detect pathological changes. In this way, hoof cleaning and care is an essential part of keeping the horse healthy.

Learn more about hoof care and cleaning in our guide.

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