Saddles Guide

1. Saddles: Which saddle suits which horse?

A saddle is the link between horse and rider and plays the important role of distributing pressure. A saddle consists of various components, each of which has a specific task.

Classic saddles are basically constructed in the same way, but there are significant differences depending on the focus of the discipline.

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2. Buying a saddle: What you should pay attention to?

A saddle determines the health, well-being and performance of the horse. But the rider must also feel comfortable in the saddle.

We will go through the individual aspects of a saddle evaluation so that you can find out whether a saddle suits you and your horse.

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3. Saddle care: How to care for your horse’s saddle

Regular saddle care is not only about aesthetics. If you keep saddle care fixed in your schedule, you will ensure supple leather and thereby prevent riding accidents caused by torn material.

In addition to 5 steps for saddle care, we also show you 10 hacks for saddle care.

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4. FAQs about horse saddles

How long does a saddle last? Does a treeless saddle really fit every horse? And which saddle is suitable for a horse with particular back characteristics, if it has a high or low withers, a short or long back?

Answers to these and other frequently asked questions about saddles can be found here.

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