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Women's Jumpers, Turtlenecks & Knitwear

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Jumpers, Turtleneck Jumpers and Knit Cardigans - Warm Through the Cold Days

We've all got them - jumpers, turtlenecks, tops and cardigans for the long, cold winter days. As riders you are often out in the open in winter, whether in the arena, on the way to the field, or in the stables where the cold wind finds its way in despite the thick walls. During the cold winter days, warm, functional riding clothing is a must for every rider. With our jumpers, turtlenecks and cardigans, you are always dressed not just practically but also fashionably in the stable. Jumpers are ideal as an extra layer. You can team them up with a fashionable t-shirt or a classical shirt to create a functional layered look which is both modern and elegantly styled. If it gets too warm, for instance when you are riding, a jumper can be taken off quickly and you can happily carry on riding your horse. Our online shop offers a wide range of tops for fans of both classical English riding and Western riding, which you can put together to make fab combinations. Jumpers, turtlenecks and cardigans form the perfect foundation for a warm winter outfit. Order tops and other riding clothing at great prices, easily and conveniently in our online shop!

Jumpers, turtleneck jumpers and cardigans: soft and cosy for riding

Knitted garments are universally popular in the stables in winter. Knit jumpers, hats and scarves are great and stylish companions for riders, both in daily life and in the stables. Even in winter horses have to be looked after, so you are happy to be able to rely on warming materials to keep you warm in freezing temperatures. Knit jumpers are versatile and great for teaming up with anything, whether jodhpurs, riding jeans, or smart trousers for everyday wear; with the many colours and designs in our online shop there are endless possibilities. Knitted riding clothes are also very robust and hard-wearing, so even when you are mucking out there is no need to worry about spoiling your top.

Jumpers and turtlenecks made from functional materials

Riding clothes made from functional materials are especially popular. Fleece jumpers in particular are ideal for winter. High pile fleece creates an insulating layer between the skin and the outer material, which keeps the body warm. In addition, small air pockets, which contribute significantly to providing insulation are formed by the hollow fibres, thus adding to the thermal capacity of the jumper. Fleece material is also breathable and dries quickly. Performance stretch fabric, which is popularly used in sports clothing, also demonstrates all of these features. Tops as well as underwear and socks made from merino wool, which has temperature-regulating properties and absorbs unpleasant odours are also very popular with riders. You can find jumpers, turtlenecks and knit tops for riding at good values made from a variety of materials at Kramer Equestrian.