Sheepskin Care Guide

Dark-brown horse with sheepskin Headcollar

1. Why is sheepskin used in equestrian sports?

Whether on the horse or for horse care, sheepskin articles cover many areas of use around the horse thanks to their comprehensive properties and are often and gladly used. Sheepskins are natural products that are often and popularly used in equestrian sports. The functional products inspire both with their valuable natural material properties and by reducing excessive pressure on the horse’s body or back. Find out here which properties sheepskin has and why it is often used on horses.

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2. What should be considered when caring for sheepskin?

All sheepskin articles for horses have one thing in common: they can give you pleasure for many years, provided you care for them adequately and treat them properly. If sheepskin is not cared for, the sweat it absorbs can also damage the leather over time, as the tanning agents that keep the leather intact are lost through the sweat. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind when caring for sheepskin. We have summarised below how sheepskin products should be cared for in everyday life and what to consider when washing them.

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Rider cleaning a sheepskin saddle pad
A Sheepskin girth lies on a saddle

3. Sheepskin FAQ

How can sheepskin be dried? How often can I wash sheepskin? Do I have to use a special detergent for washing sheepskin and what is the appropriate washing programme?

These and many more questions are answered in our FAQ on the subject of sheepskin care.

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