Breeches Guide

1. What types of breeches are there?

Breeches are part of every rider’s basic wardrobe. In addition to optimum comfort, personal preferences regarding material, trim and design are also important. There is a wide range to choose from – cut, trim and intended use determine which riding breeches suit you best: Riding leggings, grip breeches, breeches with full seat or knee patches, riding jeans or thermal breeches.

Find out which breeches models are available!

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Two female riders in jeans full seat breeches at the fence of a paddock
Riding leggings black

2. What do I have to consider when buying breeches?

How can I tell if a pair of breeches fits? How should the breeches fit at the waist and which cut is best for me? We have summarised the measurements that you can check for when you are looking at the size charts and how you can use them when making your choice in our fit guide.

You will also find important details on body height, leg cuffs and material in our guide. We also show you how to recognise particularly comfortable breeches.

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3. Accessories for riding breeches – what do I need?

Among the accessories, knee socks belong to the breeches like the saddle pad to the saddle – they are an absolute must have. Fashionable belts not only provide optimum support at the hips or waist, but also round off every rider’s outfit visually.

We explain here how you can perfectly accentuate your breeches in the best way with the right accessories and care products.

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Three female riders in different types of breeches
Two riders are talking, both wearing full seat breeches

4. Breeches FAQ

You can find the most frequently asked questions about breeches in our FAQ section. Read more about why beginners should also ride with breeches from the start and how to find out whether you need a short or long size. We also address the topic „Which breeches are best for riding during pregnancy?“ in our breeches FAQ.

You can find more answers to common questions about breeches here.

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