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Women's Accessories

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Fashionable accessories for riding

Nowadays, people like to wear fashionable accessories even for riding. Women's riding accessories have taken on particular significance. While the most important factor for riding clothes a few years ago was their function, today entire outfits comprising clothes and accessories can be coordinated with the horse's accessories. You want to be noticed in the stable for your individual dress style; it doesn't matter whether you are a dressage rider or a show jumper, or simply like to spend hours relaxing with your horse in the countryside. With the huge selection of matching accessories that is available, you and your horse can present a harmonious overall image in the arena or out in the countryside at any time of the year. The range of accessories for riding has also changed. Typical accessories for riders used to include caps made from wool, wool socks and dark-coloured leather hats. Over the years many more accessories, such as bags and belts, which can be combined in any way you want, have been added to the variety of clothing items available for riders. You can find new looks for riding from Felix B¸hler and become a trend setter at your stable yard!

Riding accessories for a stylish look at the stables

You are clad in your jodhpurs, a polo shirt and a riding gilet, but a glance in the mirror tells you something is missing. What accessory goes better with your outfit than a scarf? Our loop scarves are particularly practical for riding and stable work. Of course, you mustn't forget a matching bag. A sturdy canvas sports bag has plenty of storage space for lots of kit, making it the ideal companion in the stables. Knee socks are a must for warm feet. Not only do these keep your feet warm, but with great colours and a fab pattern they are also a visual highlight of your riding outfit. When temperatures are below zero, it can be unpleasant in the stables - a cosy woolly hat protects you from the icy cold. Its cheerful colours help you to brighten up a grey day. A classy watch is exactly the accessory you need if there is no clock in your school or if you simply want to return promptly from your hack. Add an elegant touch to your outfit with the right accessories. The best way to do this is with an attractive necklace or pearl earrings. If a little more sparkle is permitted, you can even choose accessories with crystals. Crystals are an eye catcher especially on jewellery and belts. You can buy great value accessories online from us to make you stand out - and not just in the stable.

Matching riding accessories to suit every taste

Regardless of whether you are looking for warm scarves and hats for cold days or just matching accessories to go with your riding clothes, you can find many riding accessories in the latest hot colours and fashionable designs, from simple basics to trendy, up-to-the-minute styles. This makes it easy for you to create your individual outfit and give it that extra something with great accessories for riders. In order for you to enjoy your outfit for a long time, we also offer care products such as special detergent for riding clothes. Are you on the look-out for a present for a rider? Fab accessories such as a decorated bracelet or crystal earrings make ideal presents for horse lovers and anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd with their riding clothes.