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About Kramer Equestrian

It all started in 1967, when Richard Krämer, a well-travelled and successful businessman, founded a mail order business for saddles 'Sattelversand Krämer Pferdesport' at the age of 65. The demand for affordable high-quality saddles was so high, that within a short period of time the company's success led to the employment of more staff and the continuous expansion of their product range. In 1973, Heinrich Schmeckenbecher succeeded Richard Krämer and the headquarters were moved to Hockenheim, where on over 30,000 square metres equestrian products are being developed, distributed and sold. Today, the second and third generation of the Schmeckenbecher and Stricker families run the business. Kramer Equestrian and its 1.000 employees supply over 800,000 horse enthusiasts in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, and, through its subsidiary Felix Bühler, Switzerland. Besides its successful mail order business, Kramer Equestrian has in the last few years diversified into retail by opening MEGA STORES, with a floor space of approx. 1,300 square metres each, with many locations in Germany, Austria and France. Since 2005, Kramer Equestrian is represented in Switzerland with numerous Felix Bühler branches.

100% Equestrian Sports

The best choice for you and your horse - we stock over 25,000 products from more than 100 manufacturers. Among the 'big' equestrian brands you will find such insider tips as STONEDEEK for Western Riding or TWIN OAKS for Horse Trekking. We have only one goal - to offer our customers the best equestrian sports equipment possible. As experts, we offer over 200 types of breeches, special equipment for eventing, riding hats/helmets and almost 150 different saddles. Of course horses lovers will also find a huge selection of horse rugs, bridles as well as equipment for stables and pastures and all sorts of gear for horse and rider.

100% Customer Focus

Everything for our customers - we process more than 1 millon orders per year and always try to fulfil your wishes. Many Kramer Equestrian employees are horse lovers and riders and great importance is placed on respectful interaction with our customers, partners and colleagues. We stand for expert horse know-how, competent advice, customer focus and fast delivery times - that's why we look forward to our ratings on eKomi every day!

100% Passion

We love our products - our team, combined with their enthusiasm for horses and equestrian sports, forms the company's unique and valuable foundation. From dressage and Western riding on to working equitation, all varieties of the equestrian sport is represented by our employees. We use and test the products from our assortment ourselves and we (besides our horses) are our toughest critics.

1967 The wholesale trader and amateur dressage rider Richard Krämer founded the Kramer Equestrian saddle import and equestrian mail order business in Bad Kreuznach.
1973 The Schmeckenbecher Family takes over the company and relocates its head office to their home town of Hockenheim. Kramer Equestrian operates the equestrian mail order business and maintains small equestrian shops in West Germany.
1978 Kramer Equestrian begins organising equestrian sports markets and exhibitions at different locations in Germany.
1985 Kramer Equestrian concentrates solely on their mail order business and sales areas in Germany and quickly becomes the market leader.
1988 Kramer Equestrian publishes its first catalogue.
1989 Kramer Equestrian sends the first parcels to the then still existing East Germany. Through the campaign 'Refer a Friend' an extensive customer database is established in the new federal states.
1995 With the start of the European Single Market Kramer Equestrian expands its mail order activities to Austria and Luxembourg.
2000 Relocation and enlargement of the logistics centre in Hockenheim.
2003 Kramer Equestrian opens up the first MEGA STORE outside the company's headquarters, in Florstadt, Hesse.
  2004 Opening of the third Kramer Equestrian MEGA STORE in Sulzemoos, South Bavaria, between Augsburg and Munich
2005 The fourth Kramer Equestrian MEGA STORE opens its gates in Nuremberg.
2005 Kramer Equestrian acquires the majority stake in the Swiss equestrian sports market leader, Felix Bühler in Muhen, Switzerland.
2006 MEGA STORES No. 5 and 6 open up in Langenau, near Ulm, and in Heimsheim, near Stuttgart.
2007 The first Kramer Equestrian MEGA STORE outside of Germany is opened in the Austrian capital of Vienna.
2008 The 8th and 9th MEGA STORES open their doors in Irschenberg and Neukirchen-Vluyn.
2009 In Hockenheim-Talhaus, Asten and Mainz - another three new MEGA STORES emerge. Kramer Equestrian now also supplies customers in France.
2010 MEGA STORES - No. 12 and 13 open up in Bad Nenndorf /Hannover and Braunschweig.
2011 Two MEGA STORES open up around Hamburg: Hamburg-North in Henstedt-Ulzburg and Hamburg-South located in Egestorf.
2012 Kramer Equestrian opens another three new MEGA STORES in Achim / Bremen, Feldkirchen / Graz, Austria and Leichlingen / Leverkusen.
2013 Opening of the MEGA STORES in Kleinmachnow / Berlin, Lünen / Dortmund and Pentling / Regensburg. Kramer Equestrian now also supplies customers in the Netherlands.
2014 New MEGA STORES in Bornheim / Bonn, Ahrensfelde / Berlin and Eibesbrunn / Vienna, Austria. Kramer Equestrian now also supplies customers in Belgium.
2015 Opening of the MEGA STORES in Ettenheim, Nossen / Saxony and Neunkirchen / Saarland.
2016 Kramer Equestrian starts supplying customers in Great Britain. France's first MEGA STORE opens up in Geispolsheim / Strasbourg as well as another MEGA STORE in Lohfelden / Kassel. September 2016 - MEGA STORE # 30 in Darmstadt!
2017 Three new MEGA STORES open this year in: Türkheim / Bad Wörishofen, Lengerich and Reinfeld / Lübeck.
2018 Three new MEGA STORES open this year in: Werneck / Schweinfurt, Mühlhausen-Ehingen and Neuhaus am Inn / Passau.
2019 Three new MEGA STORES open this year in: Kettig / Koblenz, Avrainville / Essonne (France), Bredenbek / Kiel
2020 Three new MEGA STORES open this year in: Westerstede / Oldenburg, Seclin / Lille, Paderborn
2021 Three new MEGA STORES open this year in: MEGA STORES Schkeuditz / Leipzig, Weimar und Serris / Seine-et-Marne
2022 Opening of the MEGA STORES in Himmelkron (Germania), Schermbeck / Münster (Germania) en Les Essarts-Le-Roi (France). Kramer Equestrian now also supplies customers in the Italy.
2023 Opening of the MEGA STORES in Alsdorf / Aachen (Germany), Kavelstorf / Rostock (Germany) and Plüderhausen / Stuttgart (Germany).
Team Krämer Pferdesport

Kramer Equestrian's highly motivated workforce consists almost exclusively of avid riders with great professional competence and specialised horse knowledge. This contributes to our precise and qualified customer service. The strong motivation which the employees bring with them to their daily job is the backbone of Kramer Equestrian and helps to make us the dynamic and successful company which we are today. Professional training with horse equipment is done regularly, this helps to guarantee our know-how and encourage our team spirit in this field.

From the quality control of the incoming goods, to the dispatch of the orders, everything is carried out in-house by our Kramer Equestrian staff.

Utilise the know-how - promote winners

Kramer Equestrian utilises the know-how of several leading riders and equestrian professionals, and sponsors Olympic champions of today and tomorrow.

Michael Geitner

  • Kramer Equestrian works together closely with Michael Geitner and distributes the Dual Alley.
  • Michael Geitner explains the principle of the DUAL-ACTIVATION® at events in Kramer Equestrian's MEGA STORES.

Monty Roberts

  • Monty Roberts 'the man who listens to horses' has found a reliable partner in Kramer Equestrain to pass on the 'horses' language.

Peter Thomsen

  • 10th place at the European Championships 2015 in Blair Castle on Horseware's Barny
  • 7th place at the 2014 World Championships in Normandy on Horseware's Barny
  • 5th place at the 2013 European Championships in Malmö (Sweden) on Cayenne
  • Bronze medal at the 2013 German Championships in Schenefeld / (Germany) on Horseware's Barny
  • Team Gold at the 2012 Olympic Games in London on Horseware's Barny
  • Team Gold at the 2008 Olympic Games in Hong Kong on The Ghost of Hamish
  • Bronze medal at the 2003 German Championships in Luhmühlen (Germany) on Bordou
  • Silver medal at the 1999 European Championships in Luhmühlen (Germany)on Warren Gorse
  • Team Bronze at the 1994 World Championships in The Hague (Netherlands) on White Girl
  • 5th place at the 1993 European Championships in Achselschwang (Germany) on White Girl

Charlotte Hachmeister

  • 8th place at the 2016 CIC** in Bad Harzburg (Germany) on Kassio
  • 1st at the 2015 CIC** in Kreuth (Germany) on Kassio
  • 4th place at the 2017 CIC** Prize of the Best in Warendorf (Germany) on Kassio
  • 6th place at the 2014 CIC** in Helvoirt (Netherlands) on Kassio
  • European Champion at the 2014 Young Riders CCI** Vale Sabroso (Portugal) on Kassio
  • Silver medal at the 2012 Young Riders German Championships on Kassio
  • Gold medal at the 2012 German Championships CIC** in Schwaiganger (Germany) on Kassio

Anna-Maria Rieke

  • Individual Gold at the 2012 CIC*** in Stzegom (Poland) on Petite Dame
  • 9th place at the 2016 German Championships CIC*** Luhmühlen on Petite Dame
  • 16th place at the 2015 CIC**** Pau (France) on Petite Dame
  • Team Gold at the 2015 Nations Cup CIC*** Waregem (Belgium)
  • 8th place at the 2015 German Championships CIC*** in Luhmühlen on Petite Dame
  • Team Gold at the 2014 Nations Cup CIC*** in Waregem (Belgium) and 3rd place on Petite Dame
  • Team Gold at the 2014 Nations Cup CIC*** in Mälmö (Sweden) on Petite Dame
  • Team Gold at the 2013 Rural Riders European Championships CIC*** in Laintal (Austria) on Petite Dame
  • Gold at the 2013 CCI** at Renswoulde (Netherlands) on Petite Dame
  • 9th place at the 2012 German Championships CIC*** on Petite Dame
  • Team Bronze at the 2011 Rural Riders European Championships CIC** in Aston Le Walls (GB) on Petite Dame
  • Westphalian Champion at the 2011 Eventing CIC* in Velen on Petite Dame

Julia Mestern

  • Bronze at the 2011 German Championships in Luhmühlen
  • Gold at the 2010 German Championships in Schenefeld
  • Gold at the 2010 World Cup Qualifications in Schenefeld
  • Gold at the 2009 CCI*** in Bokelo (Netherlands)
  • Gold at the 2009 Professional Riders Eventing Championships
  • Gold at the 2008 CCI*** Bokelo (Netherlands)
  • Individual and Team Gold at the 2007 Rural Riders European Eventing Championships

Emma Brüssau

  • Gold at the 2017 CCI* in Kreuth (Germany)
  • Gold at the 2017 Prize of the Best in Everswinkel (Germany) on Dark Desire
  • Gold and Silver at the 2017 German Junior Championships in Kreuth (Germany) on Donnerstag and Dark Desire
  • Team Gold and Junior Individual Bronze at the 2017 European Eventing Championships in Millstreet (Ireland)

Kramer Equestrian supports equestrian sport

As a company in the equestrian industry, it is very important for us to support equestrian sports and to share our passion for horses with you!

Is your association / riding centre/ riding club organising a competition, show or other equestrian event? Apply now for sponsorship from Kramer Equestrian and let us help make your event a success!

Please submit this questionnaire at least 6 weeks before your event. We will then be in touch as soon as possible as to whether we will sponsor your event.

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