Guide to body protectors and back protectors

1. Body protectors & back protectors for riding – what are the differences?

Body protectors and back protectors protect against serious injuries to the upper part of the body when riding. What do protectors have in common and what are the differences?

We explain the structure and the exact protective effect of our body protectors and back protectors!

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Rider with back protector stands with the saddle on the riding arena
Rider with body protector

2. What should I look for when buying a body protector for riders?

When buying a body protector for riders, you want to get everything right. From the fit to the comfort to the currently applicable test standards, you have to keep an eye on many details.

We accompany you from the measuring to the fitting and support you in the purchase of a body protector.

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3. What should I look out for when buying a back protector for riders?

Back protectors originally come from motorcycling, but are now also an integral part of riders‘ equipment. Back protectors offer excellent protection against dangerous spinal injuries with maximum freedom of movement.

We will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages and help you find the right protector for a safe riding experience!

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Rider with back protector in a stable
Rider with a body protector standing in front of a horse's box

4. FAQ on body protectors & back protectors for horse riding

When buying riding protection equipment, no question should remain unanswered. What should be considered when buying a protector for children? How safe are used riding body protectors and does the back protector have to be replaced if you have fallen with it?

In our FAQs you will find the most frequently asked questions about body protectors and back protectors.

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