Guide – Outerwear for riders

2 riders wearing fleece outerwear

1. Outerwear for riders – from underwear to jumpers

Riding is an outdoor sport – whether you’re out hacking, working in the yard or training in the riding arena, riders need to be prepared for all eventualities with changing weather conditions. In our guide, you’ll find out what types of outerwear there are and which items of clothing and materials are particularly suitable for riding!

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2. The layering system and why it is so important for horse riding

What has long been tried and tested by hikers and mountaineers is also used enthusiastically in equestrian sports. With the layering system, you can adapt to the weather conditions in line with your activity level. In our guide, we explain the system behind the layered look and what you should always pay attention to!

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3 riders wearing winter outfits
Rider with warming teddy fleece jacket

3. Outerwear for riders – FAQs

From sports bras to soft shell jackets – the range of equestrian outerwear is as varied as the demands that riding places on clothing. Which outerwear is best for allergy sufferers? How do I care for my functional top? What types of fleece are available? We answer all your questions about equestrian outerwear in our FAQ.

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