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Women's T-Shirts, Polo Shirts & Shirts

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Shirts & T-Shirts - Fashionable Riding Clothes for Everyday Wear and in the Stables

Shirts and t-shirts are among those items of clothing which everyone has a number of in their wardrobes. But these tops are not just popular for everyday wear. Shirts and t-shirts are also favourite pieces of riding clothing which are practical and at the same time stylish. T-shirts in particular can be put on quickly and especially in the summer, they are the perfect casual top for daily work in the stable or for grooming your horse. Cool prints and fresh colours guarantee that they will stand out when you are riding! If you prefer to wear something more classical, you will be bang on trend with smart polo shirts or elegant shirts. These flatter the feminine silhouette with their tapered cut. Collars give polo shirts and blouses that special something, and you can style your outfit for a cool, sporty image as well as to look simply elegant. Our t-shirts and shirts don't just look good teamed up with jodhpurs; for everyday wear t-shirts, shirts etc. are perfect when worn with casual jeans or a skirt. You can order great value shirts and t-shirts in our online shop so you can be perfectly dressed both for riding and for everyday life. You can also find stylish accessories for the perfect look at Kramer Equestrian.

Shirts & t-shirts for riding in every season

In summer, lightweight t-shirts and shirts made from airy materials are popular clothing items for everyday wear. At this time of year you need loose tops, particularly when you are riding, grooming your horse or working in the stable, to prevent you from sweating too much. Polo shirts, as their name suggests, were developed for polo games in India at the beginning of the 20th century, catering to warmer climate conditions when on the horse. Nowadays these shirts are worn in every equestrian disciplines from dressage to show jumping to cross-country. The polo shirt has also become an all-purpose clothing item which is worn not only for riding but for many occasions. Purchase fab, great priced shirts and t-shirts in trendy colours with cool prints and attractive embroidery in our online shop. You can create a sporty outfit for the stable in winter, too, with long-sleeved t-shirts and shirts. Worn together with a sweat jacket, a warm jumper or a thick riding jacket, you can soon turn your shirt into a winter proof item of clothing to keep you comfy and warm when you are working in the stable or riding.

Stylish shirts and t-shirts for riding

If you like to wear shirts or t-shirts when you are riding or working in the stable, it is not just the look that should be important to you but also the material. Riding clothes should, above all, be breathable so that the material is able to transport any perspiration that might build up when you are riding to the outside. All clothes designed for riding should ideally be made from quick-drying materials. Riders should also ensure that clothes are comfortable and stretchy and the material sits close to the body so that the natural movement in the saddle is not restricted. Functional materials produced from polyester have all these attributes, while soft cotton is just as comfortable on the body and is ideal particularly for riders with sensitive skin. Just take a look at our website, we offer a wide range of riding clothing made from different materials at great prices!