Horse Rug Guide

Horse in a fly rug trots across the meadow

1. What types of horse rugs are there?

The form of horse keeping, training plan and environmental influences are important factors when buying a horse rug. A large number of various rug types are available, which also meet these important needs.

From waterproof rugs to wicking rugs to fly rugs – we will introduce you to all types of rugs with their respective properties and uses.

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2. Which rug does my horse need?

It is in the nature of horses to adjust themselves to the weather conditions at any time of the year – this is not only possible through coat change. Find out more about the natural thermoregulation of your horse, why it is not always sufficient and which factors are important when buying a horse rug. At what temperatures does a horse need a rug and which details should be taken into account when buying? We answer all questions about horse rugs here.

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Horse with fly rug standing on a paved driveway
Horse with glittering fly rug standing in the greenery

3. How do I determine the correct rug size?

The correct fit of the horse rug is both crucial for the horse’s well-being and a prerequisite for the processed material to fully develop its functionality. Which values are important for determining the correct rug size? When does a rug sit ideally? From taking measurements to trying them on to individual adjustments in the event of „deviations from the norm“, we will accompany you with our guide.

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4. How is a horse rug properly cared for?

Many horse rugs are made of high-quality functional textiles that need to be protected. The properties of the rug, such as waterproofness and breathability, can only be maintained in the long term through professional care. Can a horse rug be washed in the household washing machine? Which detergent can I use to clean a horse rug effectively? We have summarised all information about the correct and gentle cleaning of horse rugs.

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Woman takes horse rug out of the washing machine
Horse rug Storage

5. Which horse rug accessories are there and what makes sense?

We now know what problems might arise with the fit, how a horse rug is cleaned and that a horse usually doesn’t just need one rug. Regardless of whether you want to optimise the fit, are looking for a way to hang up and dry your rug or want to have a repair kit on hand just in case – we will show you rug accessories that really make sense.

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6. Horse rugs FAQ

When buying a horse rug, you ask yourself many questions: We give you tips on „hairless“ fitting and answer questions about return options and complaints. But even after buying it, things can still be unclear: What to do if my horse takes off the rug by itself or other horses nibble on it? Could it be that my horse is allergic to the horse rug?

We give you answers to these and many other questions about horse rugs – in our FAQ.

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pony with turnout rug