Guide to groundwork

Groundwork with horse

1. What is groundwork?

Everyone who has guided a horse on a lead rope has already come into contact with ground work, without perhaps knowing it. Whether you are taking the horse out of the field or familiarising the horse with a new lesson – ground work has many different sides. What exactly is ground work and what are its goals? We give an insight into one of the most basic training modules with the horse.

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2. What are the different types of groundwork?

Groundwork offers a wide range of training possibilities. The classic work on the lunge is probably one of the best known forms of groundwork. If you want to bring some variety into your training schedule, you will find a multitude of variations in groundwork. From horsemanship, composure training, dual activation by Michael Geitner, to the trendy horse walking. Here we present the different types of groundwork in detail.

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Horse with Ropehalter
Horse gets on a trailer

3. How do I load a horse correctly?

Loading training should be part of every horse training programme. At least once in its life, a horse has to be transported in a trailer, for example to the vet, a new stable, a training course or a competition. For this, it must be possible to load it without any problems.

In this guide, we give you useful information and 10 tips for loading young horses.

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4. FAQ Groundwork

Due to the numerous training possibilities with groundwork, many questions also arise. Our FAQ section answers the most frequently asked questions about groundwork: How often should groundwork be integrated into the training schedule? When should you start groundwork with a young horse? Is groundwork also possible without a riding arena?

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Horse is led through a flutter curtain