Guide to horse bits

1. The various types of horse bits and their effect

The bit is an important means of communication for riding with a bridle. Since the bit is not only important for the training goal, but also plays a supporting role for the horse itself, therefore the choice of the right bit must be made carefully.

In this guide we will give you a detailed overview of the most important types of bits and explain their effect in detail.

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2. How to find the right bit for your horse

After you have gained an overview of the possibilities when choosing a bit, we will analyse in detail which bit is the most suitable for your horse. We look at the width and thickness of the bit in relation to the condition of the horse’s mouth and which type of bit materials are available.

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3. What kind of bit accessories are available?

Depending on the bit you are using, some accessories are compulsory, others may only be useful. A weymouth bit, for example, requires a curb chain to limit the leverage and the associated pressure on the horse’s neck.

In addition to curb chains, in this guide we look at the usefulness of bit guards, pelham roundings and what is needed to bring tarnished bits back to high shine.

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4. FAQ about horse bits

Can a particular bit correct a tongue issues? How is the bit correctly buckled to the bridle? How much should I expect to pay for a decent bit and how often do I have to replace it?

These and more questions about bits for horses are answered in our FAQ.

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