Riding Jacket Guide

Two women wearing long and short riding jackets

1. What types of riding jackets and coats are there?

Whether rain, snow, wind or bright sunshine and T-shirt weather – as a rider, you are exposed to all weather conditions. In order to be able to go to the stable relaxed and with joy, regardless of the weather, the choice of suitable riding clothes is important.

We have summarised the types of riding jackets and coats available and the differences between the various models in our riding jacket and coat guide. We will introduce to you the most succinct differences of the functional riding clothes.

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2. How to find the right riding jacket or coat?

In order for you as a rider to benefit from the full range of effects of your functional riding jacket or coat, the model must fit properly. This means that in addition to the right size, the cut and materials used are also important.

We have summarised below how you can find the best riding jacket and what you should look out for when trying it on.

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A Woman in a riding jackets and her horse
Two bottles with textile care products

3. How do you properly care for a riding jacket and coat?

Riders usually have enough care products for valuable horse accessories such as saddles, bridles or high-quality horse rugs in their tack cabinets. However, care products for riding clothes are rather seldom thought of. In order to enjoy your riding clothes for a long time, it is necessary to use the right care products.

You can find the most important information and tips for the care of riding outerwear here.

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4. Riding jackets-FAQ

How long is the waterproofing of a riding jacket actually active and have you always wondered what you can do about a jammed zip? How do you actually measure the breathability of a riding jacket and does the waterproofness of the material decrease after frequent washing?

We answer all your questions about riding jackets and coats in our riding jacket and coat FAQs.

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A woman is sitting next to a pony in the grass, wearing a light riding jacket