Long riding boots guide


1. What types of long riding boots are there?

From high-quality leather riding boots to robust boots for stable work, there is a wide range of boot types. Depending on the intended use and individual preferences, you can choose between different materials, versatile details and designs. But which boot suits you and your needs?

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Leather riding boots

Winter riding boots

2. How do I find the right long riding boot? 

From assessing material quality to fit and comfort – we have summarised all the key facts for a successful riding boot purchase. Find out how to take the right measurements and what to look out for when trying on long riding boots in our long riding boot guide.

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3. How do you care for a long riding boot properly?

Regular care is the first priority, especially for leather riding boots. How do you care for long riding boots properly, what are the no-go’s when it comes to boot care and how much time should you invest in care?

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Riding boot care

Riding boot accessories

4. Which riding boot accessories make sense?

From boot jack to insoles to foot warmers for cold winter days – there is a wide range of practical accessories for riding boots, but what really makes sense? We present the most popular accessories for riding boots.

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