Vaulting Guide

Two girls show a vaulting figure on a standing vaulting horse

1. What is vaulting?

Vaulting is often seen as just an introduction to equestrian sports, but it is a discipline in its own right that strengthens physical fitness and team awareness.

We will give you a brief overview of the origins of vaulting and inform you about the basics.

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2. What equipment do I need for vaulting?

The clothing for a vaulter is rather untypical for an equestrian discipline. To meet the acrobatic demands, vaulters have adapted clothing from sports gymnastics.

We will introduce you to the equipment from head to toe.

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Young vaulter and a vaulting horse
Vaulter carries vaulting roller on her should with a horse in the background

3. What equipment do vaulting horses need? 

What accessories do I need for my horse?

From the vaulting roller to the bridle to the lunge, you will receive a detailed list of vaulting equipment with practical tips.

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4. FAQs about Vaulting

The most important questions about vaulting in a glance. Why don’t you wear a riding hat when vaulting? Is there a difference between vaulting shoes and gymnastic shoes?

We answer the most frequently asked questions about vaulting.

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A young vaulter shows a vaulting figure on a standing vaulting horse