Equestrian Clothing

What riding gear do you need?

When choosing riding equipment, safety, practicality and comfort come before looks. Riding hats are not only a must for beginners, but they are the essential equipment for every rider. You should think about breeches early in your riding career, as they ensure a better hold in the saddle. In our online shop at Kramer Equestrian, you will find breeches in different styles, such as grip breeches, riding leggings, full seat breeches, knee patch breeches and jodhpur breeches. Winter breeches are suitable for cold temperatures. If you are going to a competition, you should wear white competition breeches in combination with a competition jacket and a competition shirt.
When it comes to outerwear for riders, you will find a large selection of riding t-shirts, riding gilets and riding jackets in our range for every season. With our rain jackets you will stay dry during rides and stable work.
Long riding boots are suitable footwear for riders, alternatively you can wear jodhpur boots with half chaps. At Kramer Equestrian you can buy high-quality jodhpur boots and long riding boots, as well as riding and yard boots that are ideally suited for everyday stable work. In addition, winter riding boots and long winter riding boots will help to keep your feet warm in the colder months.
Riding gloves, especially those with rein reinforcement, protect your palms and fingers from blisters. Various accessories such as functional underwear, knee high socks, belts, hats and scarves complete your riding gear. For extra safety, you can buy body protectors and back protectors in our online shop, which will protect you from serious injuries in case of a fall.

What is included in a riders basic equipment?

What clothes do I need for riding?

Riding clothes should combine comfort and freedom of movement. They should not be too loose and billowy, but at the same time they should not be too tight, as this can interfere with riding. Functional clothing made of elastic, fast-drying material is therefore the first choice for riding. Wind- and waterproof riding clothes protect against the weather and make riding a pleasure in any weather and season. The breathable fabrics ensure a pleasant feeling when worn. In our range you will find a large selection of functional riding clothes for women, men and children. You can buy fashionable short-sleeved shirts for the summer or long-sleeved shirts for the winter. Our riding gilets , knitted & turtleneck jumpers , riding jackets and coats from Kramer Equestrian will keep you warm in cold temperatures. Our sweat jackets, fleece jackets and hoodies are ideal for the transitional season and can be worn not only for riding but also in day-to-day life.
Breeches should be worn for riding in both winter and summer. They do not have an inseam and instead offer either knee-patch or full seat. With our Breeches for women, men and children, there is a suitable pair for every size and figure. Even in high temperatures, you should refrain from riding in skirts or shorts to avoid chafing. In summer, riding leggings made of an elastic, lightweight material are ideal.

What clothes should I wear when riding in winter?

Suitable, warm riding clothes are the be-all and end-all in winter. The layering system is particularly effective in winter, consisting of a breathable long-sleeved shirt, a jumper, a gilet on top and then a warm winter riding jacket. When riding, you can take off the thick winter riding jacket so you don't sweat, while the gilet protects you from getting chilled. Remember that your winter riding clothes should keep you warm but not restrict your movement. In our online shop at Kramer Equestrian you will find a large selection of warm, fashionable outerwear for the winter, which you can wear both at the stable and when riding, as well as in your free time.
Winter breeches with a textured inside provide extra warmth for your winter ride. To avoid cold feet, lined winter riding boots or long winter riding boots are ideal. These can be supplemented with various riding boot accessories, such as toe warmers or warming insoles. To avoid heat loss via your head, we offer a variety of hats and headbands in our online shop, which you can also wear under your riding hat.

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