Western Riding Guide

1. What is Western riding?

Western riding is often seen as the counterpart to English riding. Most Western riders see it not only as a riding discipline, but also associate the cowboy nostalgia from the Wild West with an entire lifestyle and celebrate the „American way of life“ not only within the stables. We will give you a brief overview of the origins and basics of Western riding and not only highlight the differences to English riding.

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Western horse

Cowboy hat and leather gloves

2. The equipment of the Western rider

A classic outfit for a Western rider is automatically associated with the work clothes of cowboys in the USA. In addition to the traditional look, however, a sporty-modern style has also established itself among many Western riders. What are the typical characteristics of a Western outfit? And how are Western riders dressed in competitions? We will introduce you to the equipment of a Western rider and answer the most important questions on the subject of Western clothing.

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3. The equipment of the Western horse

Each riding style has its own special features in terms of equipment. The equipment for a Western horse is – similar to the outfit of the Western rider – influenced by the riding equipment of the cowboys. From the Western saddle to the headstall and the popular knot rope halters, we provide you with the most important information on what equipment you need for Western riding.

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Western saddle