Horse Rugs Care Guide

Horse with cooler rug

1. Types of horse rugs & their properties

In order to be able to do justice to the different purposes, horses usually have several rugs at the same time – from turnout rugs to stable rugs to exercise rugs. When caring for a rug, it is important to remember that each rug has different care requirements. Some horse rugs have several material properties that need to be cared for. Here you will find an overview of the types of horse rugs and important tips on care.

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2. Why is horse rug care so important?

Riders often invest a lot of money in good horse rugs. If you do not save money when buying, you should not neglect the care in the long term. The more qualitative features a rug has, the more intensively one should deal with the subject of horse rug care. But what actually happens if horse rugs are not cared for regularly or the care is not adapted to the type of rug? We explain how to avoid mistakes when washing rugs.

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Horse with a cooler rug
A woman washing horse rugs

3. Horse rug care step-by-step

What do I need to care for my rug? Can I wash horse rugs in my washing machine? What can I do to maintain the properties of my horse rug? Our rug care guide provides you with all the important information – from the care accessories you need, to the options for washing a horse rug, to gentle aftercare and storage.

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