Textile care guide

1. What functional textiles are there in equestrian sports?

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. This saying is especially true in equestrian activities, where riders are exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions. To ensure that time spent with the horse is enjoyable even in sun, wind and rain, functional textiles with certain properties are needed to provide reliable protection.

This article explains which materials are suitable for which weather and what they can do.

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Rider with functional rain poncho on horseback
Textile care products for riding clothes

2. Step-by-step care instructions for functional clothing for equestrian purposes

Care means durability and sustainability. In order for your riding clothes to maintain their functionality, they require special care. This is because functional clothing cannot be washed like conventional clothing.

Find out what steps you need to take when cleaning your riding clothes in our step-by-step care instructions for your stable and riding clothes.

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3. Textile Care FAQ

Have you ever wondered how to remove horse hair from your clothes without affecting your washing machine? Or whether it makes sense to mend your breeches after a fall?

In our textile care FAQ we answer all your questions about textile care for equestrian clothing.

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Rider with a rain jacket in the rain