Dog guide

1. Getting a dog of your own with the right essentials

If you’re getting a dog for the first time, you may be a little overwhelmed with all the necessary purchases.

So that you know what you should have on your shopping list for your dog, we have put together a checklist for the most important essentials.

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Australian Shepard running over a field
Sitting dog on a leash

2. The right items for walking your dog

One or two long walks a day should definitely be part of a dog’s daily schedule, whereby the duration and intensity of the exercise is highly dependent on the dog itself.

To ensure that the walk is safe for both dog and owner and that both can enjoy it, we will show you in this guide what items you should use when walking your dog.

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3. Healthy dog feeding: Basics in dog feeding

Feeding dogs in a way that meets their needs and keeps them healthy is a complex issue that may need to be considered on a dog-by-dog approach.

In this guide, we show you the basics of dog feeding and get to the bottom of how important supplements, chews, treats and an eating spot are for a dog.

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Dog in front of two bowls licking its mouth with relish
2 playful dogs

4. Which dog toy is best for my dog?

Dogs have an innate play instinct that is more or less pronounced in individual dogs. In addition to playing with other dogs, dog toys can provide variety in everyday life, liven up a walk or training session and provide mental balance.

We will show you the most important dog toys for your dog.

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5. Provide a restful night’s sleep with the right dog bed

Dogs have a great need for rest, which they absolutely have to satisfy in order to stay balanced and healthy. In order for the dog to be able to get a restful sleep, it needs a suitable dog bed in a quiet spot to sleep.

We show you 4 steps to find the right dog bed for your dog.

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dog sleeping in a dog bed
dog gets groomed

6. Dog grooming & care: Tips for a well-groomed dog

Proper dog grooming & care plays a significant role in keeping your dog healthy. Wounds and possible inflammations can be detected at an early stage. In addition to caring for the ears, eyes, paws and teeth, this includes grooming adapted to the type of coat.

In this guide, you will find useful knowledge and helpful tips on dog grooming & care.

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