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Women's Summer Jackets & Between-Seasons Jackets

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Ladies' Between Seasons Riding Jackets

During the summer there are occasionally cool rainy days for which riders need to be well equipped! A lightweight, functional between seasons jacket, especially designed for unpredictable weather in-between seasons and in the summer, protects you from wind and weather and looks great. A summer and between seasons jacket helps riders to make rainy days in spring and summer more bearable. Changing weather conditions with lots of rain showers and wind along with generally milder temperatures is typical for the in-between season.

What makes a good summer and between seasons jacket?

Everyone is familiar with this situation, in spring and autumn, you often don't have a clue on how to dress when you go to the stables. The temperatures are too warm for a thickly padded winter riding jacket or even a riding coat, and a jumper or a lightweight sweat jacket is not enough to cope with the changeable weather. A good riding jacket for the in-between seasons, should not be too thickly padded, but it must withstand light rain showers and above all, be breathable and wind-resistant. The functional outer material of our wide range of ladies' between seasons jackets make them the ideal companion for a summer hack or an evening walk with your horse when the weather can change rapidly. The jacket's lining also plays an important role. Early morning temperatures or even evening temperatures can be cool in summer, the cosy warm, breathable fleece material ensures good heat insulation and is comfortable to wear. You can also wear a thick jumper or a warm fleece jacket under the jacket for extra protection against the cold.

Summer jackets - with a hood or a collar?

The ladies' jacket for in-between seasons are available not only in a wide variety of different colours but also in various designs. Many riders ask what is more practical in the stable, a riding jacket with a hood or a high collar? A hood is practical on long hacks and treks or on evening walks with your horse. A high collar protects the sensitive neck and throat area from the wind when out hacking. A combination of hood and collar is a more practical solution for the between seasons jacket when spending time with your horse. If the hood gets in the way when riding because you are wearing a riding hat, it can simply and conveniently be packed away inside the collar. If you need a hood, for example when working on the stable yard, it is easy to attach it to the collar again. The combination of collar and hood on a between seasons jacket is ideal for every rider, from Western rider to dressage rider or show jumper.

Ladies' between seasons jackets - practical details and sporty design

The more practical details a between seasons jacket has, the more tolerable unpleasant rain showers and squalls when you are riding in the arena or working on the stable yard become. As a rider in particular you have to make sure that summer jackets with a longer cut have rear riding vents to let you sit comfortably in the saddle. A two-way zip also provides additional comfort when you are riding. There are many riders, too, who have nowhere to keep their valuables safe in the stable when they are in the school or the arena with their horses. Large pockets with zips are ideal for storing keys, smartphones and even treats. All the better when these practical details are combined with a sporty design and the between seasons jacket becomes a trendy fashion statement.