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Women's Soft Shell Jackets

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Soft Shell Jackets - Ideal for Riding

Anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors is exposed to all different kinds of weather and needs functional riding clothing which neither restricts movement nor is too heavy or uncomfortable. The stretchable fabric and ergonomic cut of our women's soft shell jackets ensure optimum freedom of movement and outstanding comfort when riding, in the stable or daily life. This allows you to carry out reactive and highly active movements, that are frequently necessary when riding (for example when jumping, eventing, riding cross country or hunting) effortlessly.

Active riders, whether they ride merely for pleasure or competitively, make high demands of their clothing. A good soft shell jacket should be wind-resistant, breathable and depending on your requirements also heat insulating. The elastic properties of the materials that are used offer ample freedom of movement. The soft textile feel of the soft shell material is also comfortable. Unlike conventional rain jackets, the fabric does not stick to the skin and it is not noisy when you are moving.

Soft shell jackets for women - the trend jacket for riders

Soft shell jackets are not only worn when riding but are also very popular for everyday wear and leisure purposes. It is no wonder they have all of the great functional features that are necessary when spending a lot of time outdoors. Teamed up with cool tops and colour-coordinated women's jodhpurs, they create a sporty look, custom made for each rider's special demands. The different designs make soft shell jackets in Kramer Equestrian's range unique. Piping or zips in contrasting colours and prime quality embroidery ensure that the functional jacket is an item of clothing for everyday wear. Extra functional details such as removable sleeves or generous pockets add even more features to make the rider's daily life around their horse easier.

The differences between soft shell versus hard shell

What does soft shell actually mean? Soft shell jackets are made of two or three layers of different fabrics linked to each other by lamination. They are primarily made from synthetic fibres, which are particularly breathable although not waterproof. Hard shell jackets are typically familiar as the outside layer of the "layered look". They are popular because of their waterproof material which withstands any rainfall. However, due to the material used, hard shell jackets are generally heavier and have a wider cut.

Compared to hard shell jackets, a major benefit of a soft shell jacket is its breathability however unlike a hard shell jacket they cannot withstand a snow storm or continuous rain. Because different materials are combined together, the benefits of soft shell jackets include better functionality as well as the fact that they are comfortably soft and ultra-elastic. Due to these properties, in addition to fashionable cuts and designs, the soft shell jacket is not just a practical item of clothing for riding or handling horses. Whether you wear it for cycling to the stables, for work or of course for riding, a soft shell jacket is a must for any occasion!

It is possible to team up a soft shell with a hard shell jacket. In mild temperatures the jackets can easily be swapped, for example at the onset of a heavy rain shower. In cooler temperatures the waterproof hard shell jacket can simply be worn over the light, heat insulating soft shell jacket, providing extra warmth which is normally sufficient to compensate for a drop in temperature during a short rain shower.