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Women's Riding Coats & Parkas

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Riding coats and parkas: ideally equipped against the cold

When the temperatures drop, icy winds and cold, wet sleet can turn rides out in the countryside and the time we spend with our horse and in the stable into an ordeal: this is the time when you need warm, cosy riding coats and parkas. It is not only our horses who need soft, cosy rugs to be able to withstand the cold temperatures and snowy winter days: but instead of a rug, we riders don a toasty warm riding coat. Long parkas are a real life saver in winter when you are doing the work a stable requires; they do at least make the cold temperatures bearable. Regardless of whether you choose an elegant or a sporty design, warmly lined riding coats with their multitude of practical details are water and wind-resistant. The fluffy imitation fur on the collar of the hood makes the raincoat a real eye-catcher. If you think that is too much, however, the fur hood is extremely easy to remove. Long zipped back vents and the extra rain protection these provide shield the back from the cold, and they can easily be opened for a long winter hack. The 2-way front zip with velcro strip highlights the great design of the riding parka. Equally indispensable are the riding parka's roomy pockets, which are more usually fitted on the side of a riding coat. If you ever forget your winter riding gloves, the fleece-lined pockets can protect your hands from freezing temperatures. Their fashionable functional design makes riding coats irreplaceable for making your time with your horse and around the stables lovely and warm in autumn and winter.

Riding coats and riding parkas: interesting properties

Whether you prefer a permanently waterproofed all-weather jacket with a warm fleece lining or a thickly padded winter parka, you will find the right model to suit every taste in our riding coat range. Warm imitation down filling makes a walk with your dog or horse in a beautiful winter landscape an unforgettable experience. The excellent layer of insulation ensures outstanding heat retention, prevents cooling down and keeps your body constantly warm. If there is stable work to be done, it can quickly become strenuous and make you break into a sweat. In this case, the riding coat's breathable properties are worth their weight in gold. A fact you should be aware of: breathability is not the same as air permeability! On the contrary, body moisture is drawn to the outside in the form of water molecules, keeping the skin comfortably dry even when you are exerting yourself. A prerequisite for the transport of moisture to the outside in this way is a drop in pressure. Vapour pressure must be higher inside than outside. The outside air must always be colder and drier than air on the inside. An estimated threshold limit is considered to be an outside temperature of 25C; if the temperature is higher than this, it causes a reverse effect.