Women's Riding Socks & Knee-Highs

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Knee and ankle socks - indispensable for riding

Knee or ankle socks used to be worn solely for practical reasons. In winter, thick wool socks kept your feet warm. Knee socks for riding and worn with long riding boots were made from cotton. Colours for riding clothes and accessories were limited to dark and plain ones. Today, too, knee and ankle socks as accessories for riding are particularly practical for wearing with long riding boots or jodhpur boots. The mixture of cotton and elastane that is used nowadays ensures the perfect fit and guarantees a pleasant environment for your feet while you ride. Really warm riding socks, both knee and ankle-length, made for example from merino wool which as well as being warm allows air to circulate, are available for the cold season. Warm knee socks, which you can buy for great prices from Kramer Equestrian, are sure to stop your feet getting cold in the winter. Our knee and ankle socks are anatomically cut and have a wide cuff. This stops them from slipping down as you ride or from rubbing in your long boots. The soft material makes our socks especially comfortable accessories even for long hacks on your horse.

Knee and ankle socks - colourful fashion statements for riding

Knee and ankle socks are indispensable nowadays not just on functional grounds but as fashion accessories to wear with your riding clothes. Riders often love to wear cool knee socks with a classic check pattern in bright colours around the stables. Anyone looking for unusual designs has come to the right place at Kramer Equestrian. You can buy socks in great colour combinations, and with sporty logos, for great prices online. If you want to attract attention in the stables with your knee socks, they are best worn with jodhpur boots or paddock boots. By teaming them with jodhpurs or breeches with a full seat or knee patches, and a colour-coordinated polo shirt or a cool fleece jacket, you can make a trendy fashion statement with your riding clothes and cut a good figure both in the saddle and while working in the stable.