Women's Sports Underwear

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Sports underwear for riding: functional and practical

Functional underwear is of vital importance to riders who don't want to forego function and comfort under their riding clothing. A particular must for women riders regarding underwear is a sports bra underneath their outer clothing. Normal bras are usually unable to cope with the physical activity that is riding. They tend to have thin straps which, when put under a lot of stress, either cut in or slip down. And nobody wants to keep dropping their reins while they are riding to readjust their underwear. With a sports bra from Kramer Equestrian, you can concentrate on your next challenge when riding - and not on the fit of your underwear. A sports bra's wide straps take the strain off the shoulders and absorb shock. Seamless cups and a comfortable, wide band under the bust provide optimum support and make the bra really comfortable to wear - regardless of whether you're jumping, riding dressage or hacking. With functional knickers or long johns, your riding underwear is complete. Knickers made from functional materials such as microfibre are very popular with riders. Microfibre is soft and adapts perfectly to the shape of the body. The flat seams of the underwear prevent chafing, even if you spend hours in the saddle. Our underwear is available in many sizes and colours, to allow every rider to benefit from the extra comfort.

Long underwear: essential for riding in winter

Riders are frequently exposed to cold weather, especially in winter. Whether you are on a cold stable yard, out on a winter hack or in a freezing indoor school - sometimes winter jodhpurs or breeches, thickly padded riding jackets or warm jumpers are simply not enough. Long underwear provides better protection from the cold when you are riding. If you don't want to freeze in winter, you need to wear long functional underwear in the stables. This is available in many designs. An undershirt worn as underwear under a winter jacket is the perfect addition to riding clothing. Our underwear is also breathable, meaning that it not only keeps your body perfectly warm in icy temperatures but it also wicks moisture to the outside. Our winter underwear features a simple design but nevertheless, with its anatomical closely fitting cut, it has a modern look. You should not let your legs freeze either. Simply put on thin long johns under your jodhpurs or breeches. These keep you warm and do not restrict your movement when you are riding. For a long winter hack you may need thicker thermal long johns. No matter whether you are planning a winter hack with your horse or a riding lesson in a cold indoor school, you can find the right underwear for riding from us online.

Underwear for riding: the right materials are important

At Kramer Equestrian you can buy underwear made from highly functional materials online for favourable prices. Underwear such as a sports bra or knickers is worn by riders in both warm and cold weather. It is therefore important for underwear to be breathable and quick drying. Mesh inserts, which are often incorporated into sports bras, are especially practical. Even if long underwear is needed to keep you warm in winter, it should not be so heavily insulated that it stops sweat from being wicked to the outside. Our long underwear is made from highly functional materials which provide good thermal insulation while at the same time being breathable. It is particularly important in winter that sweat is wicked away from the body as this protects you from cooling down and possibly developing a chill. For really cold days, underwear made from merino wool is recommended for riding. Merino wool is extremely curly, soft, light and very elastic. Unlike sheep's wool it does not scratch, which makes it ideal for long winter hacks. It is also breathable and keeps the temperature even.