Women's Full-Seat Breeches

Felix Bühler Full-Seat Denim Breeches Denise - 810361

Felix Bühler


Full-Seat Denim Breeches Denise


Equilibre High Waist Full Seat Breeches Lana - 810648


High Waist Full Seat Breeches Lana


Felix Bühler High-Waist Full-Seat Breeches Marleen - 810623

Felix Bühler

High-Waist Full-Seat Breeches Marleen


Felix Bühler Denim Full-Seat Breeches Vivien - 810617

Felix Bühler


Denim Full-Seat Breeches Vivien


Felix Bühler Full-Seat Soft Shell Breeches Victoria - 810329

Felix Bühler Full-Seat Soft Shell Breeches Victoria


Felix Bühler Thermal Pro Full-Seat Breeches Juliette - 810638

Felix Bühler

Thermal Pro Full-Seat Breeches Juliette


What are full-seat breeches?

Along with knee-patch breeches, full-seat breeches are one of the most popular styles of womens breeches. The seat extends from the buttocks along the inside of the leg to the middle of the lower leg or to the ankle cuff. Full-seat breeches gives the rider comprehensive support in the saddle due to the large contact area of the seat. This is why full-seat breeches are often worn in equestrian disciplines that require constant contact with the saddle, for example dressage.
The seat of most womens breeches is made of synthetic leather, as it is easy to care for, keeps its shape, is non-pilling and adapts easily to the shape of the body. Full-seat breeches with synthetic leather seat give the rider sufficient grip in the saddle without making them stick too tightly and thus restricting her freedom of movement. From plain to eye-catching to modern, Kramer Equestrian has women's full-seat breeches to suit every style.

Full-seat or knee-patch breeches, which is better?

Whether full-seat or knee-patch are better for womens breeches depends on personal preferences, the level of riding and the riding discipline. While dressage riding requires continuous contact with the saddle with a deep riding seat, a show jumper needs to lift themselves out of the saddle over the jump. Therefore, good knee contact with reliable grip is important, but increased support in the buttocks is not. Therefore, knee-patch breeches are better for a show jumper, while a dressage rider or a beginner rider should go for full-seat breeches.

Why can full-seat breeches be advantageous?

Our women's full-seat breeches have an anatomically correct fit thanks to their elastic, wrinkle-free material. This means that there are no annoying creases that could cause unpleasant friction or painful pressure points. The seat material of our full-seat breeches for women are mostly made of stretchy synthetic leather, which ensures a comfortable and secure fit with maximum freedom of movement. In addition, the risk of chafing in the buttocks area is reduced. In combination with long riding boots made of leather or soft imitation leather, the rider sits slip-free and quietly in the saddle. A full-seat breeches can therefore contribute significantly to a relaxed riding position.
The full-seat ensures that the breeches last longer, as the material of the seat is robust. If the seat is in a contrasting colour to the fabric of the breeches, the leg is visually elongated, which is why full-seat breeches for women can flatter the figure.

What is the difference between full-seat breeches and grip breeches?

The seat of a full-seat breeches consists of a continuous, uniform fabric that runs from the seat along the inner leg to the lower leg or ankle. The seat is usually made of artificial leather, although genuine leather was also used in the past. Due to its large surface area, the full seat lies evenly on the saddle.
Breeches with grip seat, on the other hand, consist of silicone prints that are applied to the breeches fabric at a certain distance from each other. This reduces the contact area, but gives strong adhesion due to the silicone. Grip breeches for ladies are also very flexible and breathable, as the seat is not a continuous, solid fabric.
Grip breeches are particularly suitable for novice riders who slide back and forth a lot in the saddle, while full-seat breeches for ladies are suitable for any riding discipline and level.

What kind of leg cuffs should full seat breeches have?

The leg cuffs of full-seat breeches can have Velcro fastenings, press studs or a close-fitting, fully elasticated cuff. However, there are also jodhpurs available with a full-seat. These have a flared leg with a wide-cut calf, and the leg end is attached to the jodhpur boots with a foot strap.

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