Women's Knee-Patch Breeches

Equilibre Grip Knee-Patch Riding Leggings Dana - 810629


Grip Knee-Patch Riding Leggings Dana


Equilibre Grip Thermal Knee-Patch Riding Leggings Valerie - 810579



Grip Thermal Knee-Patch Riding Leggings Valerie

from £37.90

Felix Bühler Grip Knee Breeches Mona - 810621

Felix Bühler

Grip Knee Breeches Mona


What are knee-patch breeches?

Breeches with knee patches are particularly popular with show jumpers and eventers. Here, the rider must be able to swing out of the saddle with ease before jumping. Full-seat breeches would hold him too tightly in the saddle, which is why the grip on knee-patch breeches is limited to the essential areas. The seat can be made of different materials or grip. Knee-patches are more common on breeches than on jodhpurs. If you like it lighter and more breathable in summer, you can opt for riding leggings with knee patches. To avoid chafing around the calf, long riding boots should always be worn over knee-patch breeches.

What are the advantages of knee-patch breeches?

When it comes to knee-patch breeches, it is mainly the material, the waistband height and the type of seat that make the difference. Show jumpers and eventers benefit from the strong grip in the knee area. A good knee contact over the jump is ensured without the buttocks sticking to the saddle. In addition, breeches with knee patches are lighter and more breathable than full-seat breeches, some of which have thick patches covering the entire inner leg. This gives the rider great freedom of movement. Knee-patch breeches are also less expensive to buy than full-seat breeches.

For whom are knee-patch breeches suitable for?

As knee-patch breeches are often cheaper to buy than full-seat breeches, they are particularly interesting for novice riders who do not yet know whether they want to continue riding. But experienced riders can also fall back on breeches with knee patches if they are active riders in show jumping or eventing.

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