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SHOWMASTER Impregnating Detergent for Clothing - 432208


Impregnating Detergent for Clothing


SHOWMASTER Detergent for Clothing and Breeches - 432209


Detergent for Clothing and Breeches


SHOWMASTER Cleaning Foam for Riding Hats - 432207

SHOWMASTER Cleaning Foam for Riding Hats



The right cleaning products for your riding clothing

We usually have plenty of cleaning products for valuable tack such as saddles, bridles and high quality rugs in our saddle cupboard. But it is comparatively rare for riders to think about cleaning products for riding clothing. It is essential to use the right cleaning products in order for you to enjoy your riding clothes and horse accessories for a long time. Special functional properties of your riding clothes and accessories, such as breathability or waterproofing, can be impaired if you use standard household cleaning products and do not observe the care instructions shown on the labels of your riding clothes. Jodhpurs and breeches, above all, are subject to a lot of stress and friction. The seat of full seat breeches and jodhpurs in particular comes under a lot of stress when you ride, and if proper care is not given to these items they can quickly become porous or lose their colour and shape. A special detergent cleans and cares for jodhpurs and breeches, as well as other items of riding clothing whose functional properties need to be maintained for a long time. With individual care, the seats of jodhpurs and breeches are kept soft and supple. After washing, your jodhpurs or breeches will look like new again and smell lovely and fresh.

Cleaning products for riding clothing - important for functional materials

Riding clothes nowadays must meet very high demands when they are worn for riding. Windproof, breathable, water-resistant... there are riding clothes for every type of weather. Functional riding clothes must of course keep these functional properties for a very long time, and deliver what they promise in all weather. In order to maintain practical functional properties such as waterproofing, wind-proofing or breathability in the long term, riding jackets, riding coats and other riding clothing should be carefully looked after by the rider. Which means that water-resistant riding clothing should be impregnated with appropriate care products after or during every wash. Functional textiles such as functional shirts for riders need not lose their breathability because of the cleaning product. Cleaning products not only maintain function, they clean your riding clothes and accessories and neutralise bad odours, so that you feel thoroughly comfortable when you ride and are appropriately prepared for any weather conditions when you hack out.