Women's Competition Breeches


Ride elegantly in competitions with competition breeches

Competition breeches are an indispensable item of riding clothing for your competition outfit. The colour of competition breeches always falls in a range from white to cream. Nowadays, white breeches with inventive contrasting coloured trim in elegant shades of grey, which enhance the look of your competition breeches, are also available. What is more, at Kramer Equestrian you can find stylish competition breeches with contrasting seams, glittering crystals or sporty logos. Regardless of whether you are show jumping or riding in a dressage competition, riders should always ensure that competition breeches are a good fit and, above all, clean. With white competition breeches in particular every speck of dirt is visible, so you need to be careful, especially when you are preparing your horse for the competition, that your breeches do not get dirty. The most important criterion when choosing a pair of competition breeches is the trim. Just as with conventional breeches, competition breeches are available with a variety of trims. The most popular version is full-seat breeches, which ensure a good grip in the saddle. But designs with knee patches also enjoy popularity as competition breeches. One of the latest innovations is the grip trim made from silicone, which is available both as knee patches and as a full seat. Competition breeches with this grip system ensure optimum grip on the saddle flaps and are very light. The question of which ankle fastening is best divides the riding world. Many rely on innovative elastic leg fastenings for breeches while others prefer the classic version with velcro. You can buy good value competition breeches in every possible design from us. One thing is certain: you will ride elegantly in every competition with our competition breeches.

Competition breeches - it's the fit that counts

Top quality competition breeches are hard-wearing and comfortable. Competition breeches are made from high-quality microfibre or cotton and have an elastic waistband with belt loops. Plenty of stretch is a major advantage with competition clothing in particular, in order to guarantee the utmost freedom of movement when riding. You should also choose stretch fabric for competition shirts and competition jackets. Stretch material is breathable and permanently elastic, which ensures that competition breeches are extremely comfortable - for show jumping, dressage or cross country. Our competition breeches are made from materials that are very easy to clean, so they keep their quality and colour for a long time, but we do recommend treating them regularly with a special cleaning product. As regards the fit of your breeches, you should ensure that they fit tightly on the leg without any folds. If the material forms any folds on the leg this can quickly cause rubbing which can be very uncomfortable when riding. However, they should not be too tight at the waistband or cut into you so that you can sit comfortably in the saddle. Riders with long legs often find that standard sizes are too short. Our competition breeches are also available online in longer lengths. For plus size ladies, our Maxima Collection too features white competition breeches up to size 48.

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