Women's Competition Breeches

Equilibre Grip Full-Seat Riding Leggings Isabelle - 810626



Grip Full-Seat Riding Leggings Isabelle


Felix Bühler High-Waist Grip Full-Seat Breeches Catherine - 810555

Felix Bühler


High-Waist Grip Full-Seat Breeches Catherine

from £59.90

Felix Bühler Summer Grip Full-Seat Breeches Tina - 810514

Felix Bühler


Summer Grip Full-Seat Breeches Tina


Felix Bühler High-Waist Full-Seat Breeches Marleen - 810623

Felix Bühler

High-Waist Full-Seat Breeches Marleen


What are the differences between competition breeches and regular breeches?

As part of the competition outfit, white show breeches are indispensable. They are always white or creamy white, which is in keeping with the military riding style. Competition breeches are combined with shiny long riding boots and, in dressage, with a tailcoat and top hat. Nowadays, the top hat can be replaced by a riding hat for safety reasons. In show jumping, sporty competition jackets are worn over the competition breeches. Apart from the white colour, our competition breeches for ladies hardly differ from regular breeches. Competition breeches are also available in full-seat or knee-patch. Just like regular breeches, competition breeches must not crease. Therefore, an excellent fit is crucial. Riders with long legs often have problems with the usual sizes being too short. You can also find our Felix Bühler and Equilibre competition breeches online in long sizes. For ladies with plus sizes, there are white competition breeches up to size 20-22.

How should I wash white competition breeches?

Competition breeches are subjected to more wear and tear than other breeches, as they are washed before every competition to ensure that the rider appears spotless. This is because appearance plays an important role, especially in dressage, and competition breeches need to be impeccably white. Our competition breeches are very easy to care for due to their material. Nevertheless, you should regularly treat your white competition breeches with a special detergent to maintain the quality and colour in the long term. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach or strong detergents, which will ruin your competition breeches too quickly.
Treat stubborn grass or mud stains with gall soap, warm water and a small brush before each wash. If you put your stained breeches in the washing machine without pre-treatment, the stains could become even more ingrained.
After pre-treatment, turn the breeches inside out and wash them at 30°C. To dry, lay the wet breeches flat on the floor, for example on a towel.

How can competition breeches stay white for a long time?

At a show, every rider wants to appear in pristine white competition breeches. No one wants to see grass stains or the dark imprint of the greased saddle. To keep your competition breeches white for a long time, you must regularly care for them and treat them for stains. Always wash them with other white garments and with a special detergent that protects the white colour. It is also advisable to wear loose jogging trousers over your competition breeches during pre- and post-show preparations to protect them from dirt. In rainy and muddy conditions, it is advisable to wear over trousers over the competition breeches, which you then take off as soon as you get on the horse.

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