Women's Rainwear & Wax-Cotton

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Defy all weathers with rainwear when riding out

If you don't want to miss out on hacking out on your horse even when it is raining, you need waterproof rainwear or waxed cotton riding clothing. The quality of the coating dictates the level of waterproofing. It is particularly important with rainwear that seams and zips of riding clothing are laminated or sealed. A hack through the woods in autumn is always enjoyable, but as the days get shorter it can quickly get cold on your horse. When this is the case, even a thick jumper or a fleece jacket is no longer enough to keep out the cold. To ward off the wind chill factor - that is, when the wind makes the temperature feel colder than it actually is - on a long hack, it is advantageous if rainwear or waxed cotton riding clothing is also windproof. That does not mean, however, that rainwear cannot be breathable. Rainwear nowadays is functional and extremely versatile, and available in many styles.

Rainwear for trekking, carriage driving etc.

Rainwear is not only sensible for hacking, it is also advisable for daily schooling in the arena in bad weather. Especially if you don't have access to an indoor school, and you have to carry out your schooling outside in all weathers, you should always have rainwear to hand in case of wet weather. A combination of a rain jacket and waterproof trousers, which can be worn over your normal jodhpurs, is ideal for this. If you prefer a carriage drive in the wind and rain, there is no need to freeze on the box. To keep you cosily warm at all times, we offer in our range a driving apron which is waterproof and has a warm fleece lining, making it perfect for trips in the carriage on rainy days. Riders who go trekking benefit from waxed cotton riding clothing. "Oilskin" material is made from oiled cotton, which makes it waterproof and particularly hard-wearing. For long distance riders, there are also inexpensive chaps made from sturdy fabrics to protect the legs from the wind and the weather. Whether you like to ride in the countryside or in the arena, or prefer carriage driving, we have a large selection of rainwear and waxed cotton riding clothing for you to buy online.

Rainwear for the high demands of riding

Our rainwear is designed to meet the highest demands of riding. Our raincoats, rain jackets and rain chaps guarantee that you will stay dry in the rain. Rainwear must be well cut and not restrict movement in the saddle. Raincoats for riding are one of the most popular items in our rainwear range. These are usually equipped with leg straps to prevent them slipping out of place when you are riding. Back vents ensure extra comfort. Most raincoats also have a hood to keep your head dry when you are working in the stable yard or doing ground work and are not wearing a riding hat. Shoulder capes on a raincoat provide extra protection against the rain. A soft lining guarantees you will be comfortable despite the miserable, rainy weather. A raincoat should provide riders with as much storage space as possible, with large pockets. Everything from treats to valuables to riding gloves needs to be stored away, especially on treks that last several days. To allow you to work with your horse in the arena or enjoy hacking out, our range of rainwear and waxed cotton clothing offers comprehensive protection from the rain and wind.