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SHOWMASTER Horsefly and Wasp Trap

Horsefly and Wasp Trap

No.: 450619
The SHOWMASTER Horsefly and Wasp Trap serves as a protection for horses against horseflies and wasps in the open, whether in the stables or near the grooming area. Wasp and horsefly stings are very painful for both horses and their riders! This trap controls the number of pests and reduces considerably the number of attacks. No electrical power necessary, no chemicals included. Wasps have the same behaviour as horseflies in that they tend to fly upwards. Contrary to horseflies though, they are not attracted to infrared targets but to the smell of sweet concentrates. The wasp attractant that goes into the trap collector is included in the delivery. Wasps enter the trap from underneath and cannot get out again. The trap is made to be hung up. The attractant should be changed about every six weeks. Fasten it 1 metre minimum and 1.8 metre maximum above the ground. Operating range: approx. 100 m². 40 x 50 cm. Weight: approx. 1.5 kg.