Sweet Itch Guide

1. What is sweet itch?

If a horse is affected by sweet itch, many horse owners are helpless at first. What is sweet itch and what are the triggers? What measures are suitable for prevention? All the facts about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options and more can be found here.

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2. Keeping and caring for a horse with sweet itch

Caring for and keeping a horse with sweet itch can be a challenge. In addition to general rules of conduct, you should be fully informed about the nutrition of a horse with sweet itch. In our guide, we explain which care products and protective measures are used for horse with sweet itch.

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3. FAQ on the subject of sweet itch

There is a lot of confusion among horse owners about sweet itch. In order to shed some light on the subject, we clarify the most frequently asked questions such as „Can sweet itch be cured?“, „Why have cases of sweet itch become more frequent in recent years?“ or „How can I find out if a horse suffers from sweet itch when buying a horse?“

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