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Women's Competition Accessories

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The right competition accessories for the horse show

In addition to riding clothing, the right competition accessories are also a part of the perfect outfit for any horse show. An elegant overall appearance is essential, especially for dressage, but also for show jumping and eventing. It is not only a clean, well-groomed horse which plays a big part in this, but also the riding clothing and the rider's own appearance. Stocks and stock pins, for example, are important accessories for competitions. You should always ask, or check the competition rules, to find out what competition clothing or accessories are required and compulsory for your class. To ensure that you always feel good riding in your class at the competition, and are not impeded by flying hair or ill-fitting competition breeches, you can turn to other competition accessories. It is advisable, especially if you have long hair, to tie it up in a hairnet. Not only does this look elegant and classy, but it also keeps your hair in place during the competition. If your white competition breeches don't stay up properly, you can use an elegant belt to stop the breeches slipping uncomfortably.

Competition accessories for dressage riders: the top hat

In the 18th century, the top hat enjoyed great popularity with the upper echelons of society. Since horses at the time were primarily used as a mode of transport, it was natural to wear a top hat when riding or on the box of a carriage. And while the top hat has largely disappeared from everyday life, it is still found at horse shows and competitions. The dressage top hat is a part of the standard attire for higher level dressage tests. With an elegant wool felt top hat, you and your horse will really catch the eye in the dressage arena. Many riders nowadays, though, prefer to wear a riding hat for competitions, as this offers the rider a greater degree of safety. Regardless of whether you ride with a dressage top hat or a riding hat, your competition accessories can complement your competition clothing and set it off to perfection.