Original Landmühle Copper +
Original Landmühle Copper +
Original Landmühle Copper +
Original Landmühle Copper +

Original Landmühle Copper +

No.: 490870-900
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( 32.11 £ / 1 kg)

Product Description

Supplement for horses with spirulina and brewer's yeast as a natural source of copper, rich in essential amino acids. Copper is an important trace element, as it is involved in the formation of histamine and thus plays an important role in the body's resistance and defence. It is also responsible for the formation of collagenous connective tissue and supports bone and connective tissue metabolism. It is also involved in wound healing and stress reduction. Ideally suited for pregnant or lactating mares as well as young horses in training to prevent osteochondrosis and bone chips. It is also used to achieve an optimal milk fat performance or for various diseases such as laminitis, sweet itch or hormonal imbalances resulting from a copper deficiency.

Ingredients: Wheat bran, linseed cake, spirulina algae, brewer's yeast (dried).

No.: 490870-900


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