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Joint Powder Collagen Plus
Joint Powder Collagen Plus
Joint Powder Collagen Plus
Joint Powder Collagen Plus
Joint Powder Collagen Plus
Joint Powder Collagen Plus
Joint Powder Collagen Plus
Joint Powder Collagen Plus
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Joint Powder Collagen Plus

No.: 490884-1000
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Product Description

High-dose powder mixture of the connective tissue building block collagen and the amino sugar glucosamine to strengthen the natural joint function. A full 30% of the body's protein consists of collagen. This includes, for example, articular cartilage, which consists of collagen fibrils. The corrugated structure of the fibrils gives the tendons and ligaments their elasticity and at the same time the necessary strength and thus protects them from injury under stress. Tendons, ligaments and articular cartilage consist of as much as 70% collagen. The protein is also found in the synovial fluid (synovia) as well as in the skin and blood vessels and in the bones themselves. It forms the basis of long-term health, mobility, strength and elasticity and is essential for protecting and building up the musculoskeletal system. The formation of new collagen in the body slows down as the horse ages. We often notice this by the fact that the animal's mobility decreases and after a longer period of standing in a stable, for example, a certain stiffness occurs, which can only be relieved with a sufficient warm-up phase. In order to understand the stiffness more precisely, one has to look at how the cartilage works: During movement, it soaks up joint fluid like a sponge, which at best contains all the important nutrients that the cartilage needs to remain elastic and thus enable the desired movement. As a result, sedentary stabling conditions are not only extremely damaging to the horse's psyche, but also to the long-term health of the cartilage tissue, as the cartilage can no longer be adequately supplied with nutrients. Collagen Plus in no way replaces sufficient daily exercise, but it can help to promote the horse's long-term elasticity and mobility and thus contribute to an increased joy in exercise. The molecular size of 5,000 kDA allows for optimal absorption of the collagen in the small intestine.

Feeding advice: We recommend feeding as a course of treatment during periods of box rest (e.g. breaks due to injury) and acute deficiency, or permanent addition in the case of seniors, chronically ill horses and sport horses that are worked intensively.

Horses 50g daily . 1 measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 15g.

Ingredients: Collagen peptide, glucosamine.

No.: 490884-1000


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