Hoof Care Spray 4 in 1
Hoof Care Spray 4 in 1

Hoof Care Spray 4 in 1

No.: 432079-275
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(£54.18 / 1 l)

Product Description

The 4 in 1 hoof care spray from ZEDAN is ideally suited for the sustainable care of hoof wall, coronet, frog and sole. It promotes a healthy growth of the hooves and ensures a great look. The contained laurel oil promotes the blood circulation of the hooves, cares for the coronet and maintains the elasticity and the resilience of the hooves. Keratin strengthens the hoof horn and grape seed oil gives the hooves a beautiful natural shine. Particularly fast and practical spray application with overhead function. Application: Shake the 2-phase product briefly and vigorously before use. Regularly spray clean hooves thinly and evenly.

No.: 432079-275


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