Hoof Solution
Hoof Solution
Hoof Solution
Hoof Solution

Hoof Solution

No.: 431918-150
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(£13.27 / 100 ml)

Product Description

Natural balm for the care of frog and hoof sole. Moisture and acid content in the bedding make an impact on horses' hoof sole and frog and often weaken or damage them. HOOF SOLUTION very soon turned out to be the product that is the most effective, fastest and easiest to apply in order to regain healthy hooves. HOOF SOLUTION is a product of natural origin. The remedy can be traced back to alchemistic roots. Its especially lengthy, complex and elaborate production caused it to disappear from general use for almost 150 years. HOOF SOLUTION takes effect immediately from its first application and then functions for 24 hours as an isolating protective layer for hoof sole and frog against external influences. The scarring of damaged tissue proceeds a lot faster due to the protection of new, regenerated and healthy tissue. The easy application and quick effect make HOOF SOLUTION a must have product that is being recommended by all professionals for optimum healing. Its regular application guarantees perfect hygiene for your horse's hooves. Application: Brush the sole, frog grooves and frog thoroughly (without water!), remove all debris and necrotic tissue. Shake the bottle for a couple of seconds before each use in order to release the active ingredients.

No.: 431918-150


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